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Pathfinders - Automation Dragon



The flying dragon brings to life the dragons of our imaginations.

With the turn of the crankshaft the body moves forward and back, while the wings flap, the legs move up and down, and the neck, tail and head move in a graceful motion. Paint it to resemble your favourite dragon, and fly away!

Not as easy to construct as some of the other Pathfinders timber slot construction kits, but well worth the effort. The dragon is impressive once complete, and is an attractive wooden automation measuring 45cm long.

Have fun and learn about simple machines at the same time. The automaton incorporates a crank shaft, axle, crank-slider, a follower, rigid and flexible linkages, pivots, and hinges. The finished automaton will need a bit of tuning to work smoothly. There is even a dragon-head shaped window so you can see how the crankshaft works.

Age: 9 +

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Price: $39.95 Each

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