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Luna Kruseling - Duluxe Set

Brand:Kathe Kruse


Luna has black hair and brown eyes.
She wears a golden magic dress, wings, boots and her magic fairy telescope.
Her workaday outfit is a shirt, a pair of jean, a pink coat and pink sneakers with a shoulder bag and she comes with her own hair brush.
This 23 cm doll is made of high-quality vinyl, movable joints and lifelike glass eyes.

After more than a century, Käthe Kruse produces fantasy adventure dolls in collaboration with reknowned dollmaker Sonja Hartmann.
This is a lovely collection of fantasy dolls for girls between four and seven years-old.

The characters are five girls aged 10 years, who live on different continents.But when Luna, Vera, Sofia, Joy and Chloe are summoned by the "Fire Opal", a mysterious power that is known as the "shines bright heart", they turn into the Kruselings, the guardians of the Dreamland!

Their job is to fight nightmares and to spread sweet dreams for all. The Kruselings experience adventures through the Dreamland with magic tools and spirit animals by their side.
Though the story of the Kruselings is one of friendship, togetherness and teamwork, each member has her own story to tell.
Luna, Vera, Sofia, Joy and Chloe know that with their unique and combined talents they can face every challenge.

The Kruselings are brave adventurers, but more importantly, role models devoted to making the Dreamland and the world a better place.
With a Kruselings doll from Käthe Kruse, girls can make-believe amazing adventures.

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